Fitness Centers in Tampa, Florida: Get Fit with Zumba Classes

Are you looking for a gym or fitness center in Tampa, Florida that offers zumba classes? Look no further! Tampa is home to a variety of gyms and fitness centers that provide a range of fitness programs, including zumba classes. Fitness 360 Westchase is a 10,000 square foot gym that caters to the fitness needs of Tampa residents. It offers fitness programs such as zumba classes, training camps, group exercises, personal training and a 12-week body transformation challenge. The gym has amenities such as changing rooms with sauna, parking area and supervised play area for children.

For your comfort, the gym has sports supplements and equipment for functional training, cardio and weight training. Gold's Gym Tampa is owned by Ed Bogacki, who has more than 25 years of experience and is fluent in English and Spanish. This gym provides several fitness programs, including personal training, group training, dance exercises, functional fitness, and strength and cardio classes. Members can attend the wellness orientation of group exercise, Introduction to Group Exercise, a 45-minute session that covers the equipment and basic movements of group classes. This women-only study offers personal training services that include fitness programs for the elderly, exercise programs before and after rehabilitation, menopausal programs, nutrition testing, and meal planning. The MI40 gym also offers camp activities in which clients participate in group exercises and conferences designed to improve their overall muscle growth, strength, nutrition and well-being.

This gym provides a wide range of fitness services including personal training, group fitness classes, circuit training, hot tubs, tanning and online nutrition programs. Wise Women Fitness aims to provide personalized and supportive services that are tailored to the needs of each client. Founded by personal fitness trainer Chris Gonzalez, the gym's specialties include Ryde for Life, Hurt Locker, LynnSpin, LynnSanity and massage therapy. Tampa is home to several gyms and fitness centers that offer a variety of fitness programs, including zumba classes. Whether you're looking for a gym with amenities such as changing rooms with sauna or one that offers specialized services such as personal training or nutrition testing, there's sure to be one that meets your needs in Tampa.

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